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The VP Twin camera was a bakelite camera taking 127 rollfilm to give 16 exposures each 1 5/8" x 1¼". It was made by E.Elliott Limited in Birmingham.

The cameras has a single meniscus f12.5 bloomed British Optical Company (BOLCo) lens. BOLCo was a subsidiary of E Elliott Ltd. Both companies were originally adjacent to the Coronet Camera factory and each made parts for the others cameras according to their particular expertise.

The camera is unique in that it was made to be sold in 3 pieces! This was because Woolworths were the retailer for the camera and their price promise was that nothing cost more than 6d. So, to provide a camera to their customers within this very limited price range the camera was sold in three parts: the back, the front and the shutter/lens assembly.

I have a great deal more to add about the fascinating history E Elliott Ltd, of the VP Twin and of the founder of the company Edwin Elliott, a self-made man whose achievements far exceed this humble, but personable, little camera.

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